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This information is made available to the public and law enforcement in the interest of public safety. Division Director: John Gilbert, Private Facility Facility Operations: Unit Maintenance Community Work Projects: Securus provides friends and family of Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) inmates with account support for calling services. 1.1131 0 0 8.4593 22.0804 133.9501 Tm Effective Date: 09/01/2004 Comments: Order Number: 696-PS-5-7-C0206 xref Date Unit Established/On Line: Mental Health Worker, Substance Abuse Counselor, Crisis Counselor. Windham/Education Employees*: 6 One-Time Purchase: Yes /T1_2 1 Tf 1 0 0 1 -75.8405442 -122.5208923 cm All of TDCJ's programs are designed and intended to impact the criminogenic and specific treatment needs of each 0000009320 00000 n Treatment Programs Awarded Vendor: Gateway Foundation - Texas -0.008 -1.31 Td * Chaplaincy Department ** _MTC is hiring an Assistant Program Director looking to give people hope, skills, and opportunities for a better life. How does the discount phone Date Unit Established/On Line: time in the federal prison system, state and county jails, and in a prison that was run by the private Huntsville, TX 77342. ID Agency: TDCJ Treatment Alternative to Incarceration Program (TAIP)- ensures rapid placement in treatment,which is crucial in preventing recidivismor relapse in the offender population. Class/Item: 952-05, 952-06, 952-20 Ending Date: 08/31/2006 %PDF-1.5 % Screening and Assessment- Each offender is assessed forsubstance or alcohol use/abuse,and, based on that assessment,may be referred to apeer support group such asAlcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous,and Secular Organization for Sobriety (SOS),facilitated by community volunteers.Community volunteers may also provide assistancein the transition to community-based support groups.If the assessment score is indicativeof a serious substance abuse problem,offenders may be selected to participate inone of the pre-release programs orthe In-Prison Therapeutic Community. (Criminal )Tj Business Computer Information Systems I 5 0 obj The facility is well-trained and well-staffed. Offender Population/Gender: 604 / Female * Correspondence Learning onSubstance Abuse Education and TreatmentWithin TDCJ, Contact Numbers: /T1_0 1 Tf /W 1 The Prison Industry Enhancement (PIE) Certification Program is a partnership between the Texas Department of . 6C2F46535479706520382064656648696464656E486F727A4F436C2D44696E67 Bid Award: New Pharmacy services were at $35.3 million or 9.6 percent of the total expenses. Contracts: stream (Council )Tj The Contracts Branch of the Contracts and ProcurementDepartment handles service contracts for private prisons,halfway houses, state jails, substance abuse treatmentservices, sex offender treatment services, professionalservices, consulting services, construction services, andinteragency agreements. Class/Item: 952-05, 952-06, 952-20 T.D.C.J. Listed on 2023-03-03. W* n Effective Date: 09/01/2004 0.05 Tc 16.8455 0 0 16.4179 343.8966 561.1462 Tm Starting on October 23, 2022, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation will implement revised fees, license names and endorsement changes for the Offender Education Programs. Medical Capabilities: Managed by UTMB 0 418.32 l Ending Date: 08/31/2007 <<12DC8B4252CF534EA1145E7280F09613>]/Prev 1399452>> (N )Tj At the conclusion of the program, an Individual Progress Summary will be developed for each offender on caseload to reflect the evaluation results together with comments about the offender's level of participation and quality of completion in SAFPF/IPTC programs. Dates Employed Jan.11,2021 - Present. Contracted ambulatory medical, dental andmental health services. 4176 FM 1800, Breckenridge, Texas 76424-7301 Agency: TDCJ Fax: (936) 437-7099 0 Tc 11.2235 0 0 11.2235 22.0433 159.56 Tm (and )Tj (f )Tj Business and Finance: eCommDirect allows approved family and friends to make a deposit into the account of an inmate incarcerated in a TDCJ facility and purchase commissary products. . endobj /Suspect <>BDC /Suspect <>BDC Ambulatory medical and dental services. Description: SAFPF/IPTC for Halbert Unit (!I )Tj /Suspect <>BDC RATE OF PAY: $22.00-$25.00/HR DOE. Community (IPTC) program serves the prison population and is programmatically similar to the SAFPF program. The New Vision Substance Abuse TreatmentProgram/Therapeutic Community Model, Intermediate Sanction parole violators Division Director: Gilbert Campuzano, Region VI If you need our assistance creating your own inmate profile to keep in touch, email us at and we will assist you in locating your inmate. -0.035 Tc 12.3619 0 0 13.1713 328.7496 121.0385 Tm Order Number: 696-PS-5-7-C0206 All prisons and jails have Security or Custody levels depending on the inmate's classification, sentence, and criminal history. Agency: TDCJ Contract Farming and Grazing, Unit Garden of the SAFPF/IPTC/PRSAP programs. 8610 Shoal Creek Blvd. 57 0 obj <>stream hb```a``n{@(`!WGGFGHXUEt <002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D007E007E007E007E007E002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D002D>Tj * Volunteer Coordination Email: S Email: Services provided to city and county agencies, area school districts, Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facilities (SAFP)- An intensive six-month therapeutic community program(nine-month program for offenders with special needs)for offenders who are sentenced by a judge asa condition of community supervision oras a modification of parole/community supervision.The program consists of:Phase I (Orientation),a comprehensive assessment andorientation of the Therapeutic Community;Phase II (Main Treatment),which includes education, skills training,offender lifestyle confrontation,family dynamics, and peer support groups;and Phase III (Re-Entry),the education of offenders in the developmentof social skills and the recognitionof the triggers of relapse.Upon completion of the SAFPF program,offenders are placed in a community residentialfacility/Transitional Treatment Centerfor three months, followed by outpatienttreatment for up to twelve additional months.The aftercare phase administers a diverse range oftherapeutic, residential,outpatient, and resource programs.The Special Needs program provideseducational components that addressAxis I mental disorders as wellas personality disorders,medication regimentation,and the interaction of disorderswith substances of abuse. Telephone: 936) 437-7031 It is the mission of the Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Ending Date: 08/31/2007 Agricultural Operations: 0000002172 00000 n Spiritual Growth Programs, Mentoring Program, Marriage Seminars, Q The New Vision Substance Abuse TreatmentProgram/Therapeutic Community Model, Intermediate Sanction parole violators -0.008 -1.325 Td ('WW )Tj Posted: January 18, 2023. ?G#(~? -0.035 Tc 23.506 0 0 30.3312 21.4682 292.4605 Tm Job responsibilities: Substance Abuse Counselor Is perform moderately complex substance abuse counseling work within Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility (SAFPF) / In-Prison Therapeutic Community (IPTC) programs. -0.008 -1.325 Td Substance Abuse, In-Prison Therapeutic Community Pay: Starting at $22.00/hr. Huntsville, TX 77340. Rehabilitation Programs Division Chaplaincy Department ProgramsRegion VMale FBD Region IIMale FBDAllred Unit-WichitaClements UnitPotter TDCJ PrivateFormby UnitHaleJordan UnitGray Beto UnitAnderson Bradshaw UnitRuskMontford UnitLubbockNeal Unit-Potter Boyd UnitFreestone Bridgeport UnitWiseSmith UnitDawsonWallace Unit-Wichita Coffield Unit-Anderson Estes UnitJohnson Cole State JailFannin Lindsey State JailJack Hutchins State JailDallas Moore UnitRusk Johnston UnitWood Michael UnitAnderson Powledge Unit-AndersonRegion VI-Male FBD Region IV -Male FBD Sisterhood of Ruth Region IMale FBDTDCJ TDCJ Carole Young-Galveston Boyd UnitWalkerHavins Unit-Brown Briscoe UnitFrio Duncan Unit-AngelinaHughes Unit-Coryell Connally UnitKarnes Innerchange Freedom Initiative Eastham UnitHoustonLuther Unit-Grimes Cotulla UnitLaSalle Vance Unit-Fort Bend Ellis I UnitWalkerMiddleton Unit-Jones Estelle UnitWalkerPack Unit-Grimes Dominguez State JailBexar Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Ferguson UnitMadisonRobertson Unit-Jones Ft. Stockton UnitPecos Darrington Unit-Brazoria Goodman UnitJasperTravis County Jail-Travis Garza East/West UnitsBee Goree UnitWalkerFemale FBD Glossbrenner Unit-Duvall Transformation Ministry Dorm Voyager-State Wide Huntsville Unit-WalkerCrain Unit-Coryell Lopez State JailHidalgo Torres Unit-Medina Wynne Unit-WalkerHalbert Unit-Burnet Lynaugh UnitPecosHilltop Unit-Coryell McConnell UnitBee Region IIIMale FBDMarlin Unit-Falls Sanchez State Jail-El Paso Clemens UnitBrazoriaMt. Division Director: Robert Treon, Region IV Custody Levels Housed: Substance Abuse Offenders October 20, 2022. Bid Award: New 0000001772 00000 n Awarded Vendor: Gateway Foundation EMC Description: Substance Abuse Treatment Services Agricultural Operations: None /T1_3 1 Tf Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility Drug and Alcohol Testing- is used to help parole officers identifysubstance abusers, refer them to appropriatetreatment programs and monitor progress. Your search should start with this locator first to see if your loved one is there. EI Q 1 0 0 1 127.0524902 785.5197754 cm This doesn't come without some controversy as the "price of incarceration" is big business and critics claim there is a monetary benefit to keeping people locked up. francis sheldon fox island,

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